Covid-19 Notice

We are currently observing CDC guidelines as they are updated.

For the safety of our staff and our clients, we will be offering curbside service only. As always your pets will be well cared for by our clinic staff! Once you schedule your appointment our staff will provide instructions on what to expect during your visit.

Due to current CDC guidelines, once you arrive at our clinic, please park in one of the labeled spots and notify us of your arrival by following the instructions on the sign. Please do not exit your vehicle. One of our clinic staff will meet you at your vehicle to retrieve your pet. Please keep your pet on a leash or in their carrier.

Surgeries instructions as seen below:

For surgeries drop off time is between 8:00am - 8:15am. As with any surgery, please do not feed your pet after midnight the night before. If your pet is on any doctor-approved medication before the surgery a small amount of food and or water can be given, only enough to get medication down. Due to CDC guidelines, please park in one of our assigned spaces, stay in your vehicle and call the clinic when you arrive. One of our team members will retrieve your pet from your vehicle, with all of the necessary forms to sign. Please keep your pet on a leash or in their carrier.

If you need a medication refill:

Please allow 24 hours for all medication refills to be processed and filled. You will receive a call if the medication will take longer than the agreed-upon time. Call the hospital upon arrival to provide payment. The medication will then be put in a basket near the handicap parking spaces for your retrieval.

Thank you for your support and understanding during such trying times! We cannot wait to see all your smiling faces again!